40th Anniversary Clinic in 2005

Shallow Exploration Drillers Clinic (SEDC) Celebrates 40 Years; Includes First Live Indoor Drilling Demonstrations; Has Third Highest Attendance

Duane R. Mohlman
SEDC Local Planning Committee

Duane A. Eversoll
SEDC Executive Director

Jacqueline S. Loomis
SEDC Secretary

40th Anniversary Meeting

The 40th meeting of the Shallow Exploration Drillers Clinic (SEDC) returned home to Lincoln, Nebraska for the 13th time. The three-day clinic was sponsored by the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the School of Natural Resources and the Nebraska Department of Roads. Held from April 12-14, 2005, it drew 226 participants from 20 US states (see Figure 1), as well as two from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This year’s attendance was the third highest for the annual meeting (record is 230 in 1995, held in Lincoln).

Held at the Lancaster County Event Center, the conference included live indoor drilling demonstrations, a first for SEDC. Six companies participated in the indoor drilling demonstrations.

Over twenty presentations were given during the first two days of the conference, with the third day showcasing the live indoor drilling demonstrations.

Dan Blankenau, SEDC Steering Committee member and program chair, of Coranco Great Plains, Inc., located in Wahoo, Nebraska, received many favorable comments concerning the programs. "The program was designed in the spirit of the conceptual model formulated by the founders of SEDC. That is getting people involved in shallow exploratory drilling together to meet, share experiences, and learn about new techniques, equipment and materials as they are developed by industry or private groups." Blankenau also reports that many attendees appreciated the fact that rig operators were part of the program.

Omar Qudus, Geotechnical Engineer, Materials and Research Division, Nebraska Department of Roads (co-sponsor of the event), attended the sessions. “We enjoyed listening to the new technological advances in shallow drilling the clinic provided. A comparison of others' viewpoints on problem solving techniques were beneficial to all of us. The clinic provided the opportunity for our drilling crews to meet other people in the same field. The indoor drilling demonstrations were convenient, especially because of the poor weather we had during the clinic. We also obtained some useful techniques and ideas from exhibitors, agencies, and drilling firms that we can apply in our own unit. The demonstrations on the use of geoprobes and rotary drilling equipment were of special interest to us. The review of drilling safety was also a good recap,” Qudus said.

Twenty-five vendors from 13 states displayed their products and exchanged useful information with conference attendees. Critical financial support to the conference was also provided through sponsorships of refreshment breaks, meals, and social activities for the attendees. Sponsors included: Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, Boart Longyear Company, Central Mine Equipment Inc., Diedrich Drill Inc., Foremost Industries LP, Geoprobe Systems, Simco Drilling Equipment Inc., and Wyo-Ben Inc.

Stewart Krause, Senior Sales Engineer, representing Wyo-Ben, Inc., located in Billings, Montana, has been attending the SEDC for about ten years. “We were encouraged to start attending by one of our customers as a way to meet customers that we don't see at other trade shows or events,” said Krause. “This is also a good forum to introduce new products and attend classes geared specifically for the geotechnical and environmental industry. We'll be in Springfield next year!”

Mary Ann Pelletier, Editor, WorldWide Drilling Resource,” from Bonifay, Florida, said that “Exhibiting at the annual SEDC event gives us an opportunity to get out in the field to meet subscribers and advertisers of WorldWide Drilling Resource. We gain so much from this personal interaction and also learn more about the shallow exploration drilling industry from the presentations that are made during the course of this event. The indoor drilling demonstrations were an added feature this year and we look forward to next year's clinic in Springfield, Missouri.” WorldWide Drilling Resource provided complimentary advertising for the clinic.

Ken Doe, one of four original Steering Committee members, retired from the US Soil Conservation Service (now the US Natural Resources Conservation Service), reported that “he received numerous positive comments about the conference programs, the live drilling demonstrations, and the facility.” Doe mentioned that “several attendees were really appreciative of the indoor drilling demonstrations since the weather during the conference was cold and wet.”

Six companies demonstrated a variety of rigs and techniques: Geoprobe, CME, Boart Longyear, SIMCO, Midwest Underground Supplies and HWS Consulting Group. Nearly 100 attendees stayed for the third and last day of the conference to participate in the drilling demonstrations. Dave Thomssen, long-time SEDC Steering Committee member and coordinator of the drilling demonstrations, from HWS Consulting Group, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, reports that he received a lot of positive feedback. “Many attendees, especially drillers, liked being able to closely examine a large variety of equipment indoors out of the weather. I think people would like to see this kind of event again, as long as it is indoors and close to where the rest of the clinic is held.” Thomssen also said that many “were amazed by the skill of the drillers who boomed up their drilling masts to within inches of the ceiling!”

Currently, the SEDC Steering Committee consists of 16 members from Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming. That number will soon increase to 18. During the conference, the steering committee approved Montana’s request to become its ninth official member (see Figure 2).

On Wednesday, Duane Eversoll recognized two long-time SEDC members for their years of support: Jim Kearney, 20 years on the SEDC Steering Committee (see Figure 3); and John L’Espoir, 25 years of attendance. Eversoll was appointed SEDC Executive Director in 1971, and continues in that position today.

The conference also unveiled the redesigned SEDC web site (http://sedc.unl.edu). Besides extensive information about the 2005 conference, the site also includes considerable historical material. The conference programs, pre-meeting post cards, selected photographs, meeting locations and attendance, as well as other information, is now on the site. This was also the first conference that made use of on-line registration. Over 50% of the attendees registered via this method.

In addition, a new SEDC database was introduced to the steering committee. The new database contains attendance records, steering committees and vendors from all 40 conferences. Reports generated from this database helped plan this conference, and will continue to help future local planning committees. Over the 40 annual meetings of the SEDC, there have been a total of 6,460 registrants. The School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, provided the web and database services.

At the suggestion of Dan Blankenau, a new incentive of offering a complimentary fourth registration with three paid registrations from one company was offered. This proved to be quite a success.

41st Meeting in 2006

The 41st SEDC will be held in Springfield, Missouri, on April 4-6, 2006. This will be the first time Missouri has hosted the event, and they are well-along in their planning.

2005 Local Planning Committee

  • Dan Blankenau
  • Ken Doe
  • Duane Eversoll
  • Jim Kearney
  • Jerry Leach
  • Jacki Loomis
  • Duane Mohlman
  • Scott Mounce
  • Jim Roberts
  • Dave Thomssen

Additional Information

If you are interested in the history of SEDC, please read The SEDC Story.

2005 Attendance by State
Figure 1. 2005 SEDC Attendance by State
Member States
Figure 2. SEDC Steering Committee
Kearney and Eversoll
Figure 3. Jim Kearney (left) receives his 20 year Steering Committee award from Duane Eversoll, SEDC Executive Director (right).
Participants listen to one of many presentations at the 2005 SEDC.
Loomis, Eversoll, Leach
Jacki Loomis, SEDC Secretary (left); Duane Eversoll, SEDC Executive Director (center); and Jerry Leach, Local Planning Committee (right); staff the registration and information desk.
Ken Doe
Ken Doe, one of four original SEDC Steering Committee members, checks-in at the registration desk.
Blankenau, Leach
Dan Blankenau, SEDC Steering Committee member (left); and Jerry Leach, Local Planning Committee (right); chat at the 2005 SEDC Conference.
Worldwide Drilling
WorldWide Drilling Resource, from Bonifay, Florida, was one of 25 vendors that displayed their products and shared useful information with attendees.